Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts, MO Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Missouri Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Missouri & Our Spring Snow Goose Hunts

We offer a variety of snow goose hunting packages in Missouri. Featuring our All-Iinclusive Spring Snow Goose Hunts that start at our main lodge in Central Missouri inside the golden triangle. These hunts are our bread an butter hunting packages and we spend the most time here focusing on our favorite hunting areas. The all-inclusive package features 3 nights loding and 2 and 1/2 days of hunting in relatively close proximety to our lodge. The package also features down home meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We will feed you and do our best to give you a snow goose hunting trip worth remembering. the memories are in the adventures not the outcomes.

Also offering Economy Spring Snow Goose Hunting Packages featuring 3 nights loding and 3 full days of hunting at an affordable rate. We are able to offer these hunts at such an affordable rate because we run traffic fields for these hunts and are able to put you up in a local motel that is clean and accommodating. The local motel also allowes dogs at an additional fee.

Not only do we offer those great services but we also offer daily hunting rates as well if needed. We try our best to include everyone and try to make it easy to set up a spring snow goose hunting adventure with us that is both affordable and fun.

Guided Hunting Rates

Missouri & Loess Bluffs NWR AKA: Squaw Creek NWR

After wrapping up our hunts around our Central Missouri Lodge we then set our eyes north. From there we like to mkae our way into Northwest Missouri and into the world famous Mound City Missouri and set up some of our favorite fields in our longest running hunting areas.

Missouri is the host to the spring snow goose capital of the world, Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge AKA : Squaw Creek. When the snow geese start to make their spring run north to their breeding grounds it is a sight to behold. Massive clouds of snow geese can be seen from Louisiana to North Dakota and what is right in the middle of this trek. North West Missouri and Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.

Boasting 3,400 acres of wetlands for the snow geese to stage on it is a collection point for the largest population of snow geese that migrate through the central United States and the Mississippi Flyway. At times in the peak of the migration you can find anywhere between 500,000 snow geese to upwards of 2 million and thats just in the squaw creek immediate area. That being said the entire state is a meca for the snow geese as they make their way through the US to the great white north. It serves as the middle ground or half way point to tundra. With vast expanses of crop lands and hilltops through out the central and western parts of Missouri with several areas of roosting waterways for the snow geese to rest in, the state of Missouri has the perfect mix of food and resting for the snow geese on the reverse migration.

Missouri & History of Snow Goose Hunting

With Missouri being such a great welcoming mat for the massive wads of snow geese it also makes for a great place to come and hunt the snow geese in the spring. When people think of spring snow goose hunts or spring snow goose hunting in general the state of Missouri has to be the most saught after areas for waterfowl hunters to gravitate to and rightly so. When the conservation order season was first established there was a big push to hunt South Western Iowa and North Western Missouri. Since the inception of the spring snow gooose season North West Missouri has established it's self as the meca and snow goose hunting capital of the world. But, with more snow geese and more area to hunt also comes more outfitters and more freelancers. North West Missouri is also becoming the hardest place to hunt snow geese in the spring. With more and more outfitters poping up every year there is fierce competition for hunting ground and pressure around the Squaw Creek NWR people are starting to seperate themselves from the meca that is Mound City. But, for those who have been around for some time know that there are plenty of places still in Missouri that are phenominal collection points as well as hunting locations. With a lot less pressure and friendlier land owners we can still hunt the state of Missouri and not have to deal with the crowds that flock to Mound City. There are alot of locations left in the state that are off the beaten path where the spring snow goose hunting is very productive and the locals welcome you with open arms.

Interested in a Spring Snow Goose Hunt?

If you are thinking of taking a snow goose hunting trip this upcoming spring make sure you ask qualifying questions of the guide that you are interested in hiring. There are a lot of them out there that are completely new to the industry and have only been hunting in the spring for a very short time and they also use Squaw Creek as their marketing point.

Contact us and talk to us about your concerns or questions about the spring snow goose hunting and we will give honest and educated answers. We have been hunting snow geese in the spring almost since the beginning and have experienced the good, bad, and ugly of it all. We have hunted snow geese in Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota so we have seen the changes in the migration patterns over the past decade as well as know of the places to go when the bad weather hits. We will not sugar coat anything and will be up front and honest about the hunting and what is going on in and out of the field.

Lodge Directions

Whiteout Outfitters
22929 County Road 276
Carrollton Missouri 64633

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License Cost Information

Missouri Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts
License Information

  • Resident License $5.00
  • Non-Resident License $40.00
  • Resident Apprentice $10.00
  • Non-Resident Apprentice $10.00
  • Resident Youth Under 16 Free
  • Non-Resident Youth Under 16 Free

Dates & Regulations

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Season Dates

First Week of February to Mid March, 2022

Missouri Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts Regulations

Unplugged shotguns, Electronic Calls, No Daily Limits or Possession Limits, No Federal or State Waterfowl Stamps Required, Must have a valid hunting license from any state, must obtain your Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts, MO Spring Snow Goose Hunts Permit Number, Must leave 1 wing attached when transporting waterfowl across state or country borders.

Shooting time: 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset

If you live in Missouri or you are looking to get information about a snow goose hunt in Missouri then contact us today to find out about spring snow goose hunting in Missouri this upcoming spring snow goose season. If we don't answer the mobile number listed above please leave a voice mail and we will be happy to return your call ASAP. Or if you don't feel like leaving a voicemail or calling us directly you can contact us VIA email which is also located above or you can conveniently fill out our contact form and let us know what you maybe looking for and we can contact you from the form information. Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to seein you and your party in the field this spring.

Permit Info

Missouri Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts General License Information

You can only purchase a spring snow goose hunting permit online if you are a returning hunter to the state of Missouri. If you have not purchased a valid hunting license in the state of Missouri then you cannot purchase a license online and you will have to provide your hunters saftey certificate to a valid hunting license provider in the state of Missouri to obtain and purchase your spring snow goose hunting license in the state of Missouri also Anyone born on or after January 1, 1967 ( unless age 15 or younger and hunting under youth rules) will have to provide a hunter saftey certificate to purchase a licnes in the state of Missouri. After you have purchased your Missouri hunting license you are then eligible to purchase your future licenses online.;

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts, MO Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Missouri Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Spring Snow Goose Hunts, Waterfowl Hunts, & Turkey Hunting Outfitters

Hunting and Chasing the spring snow goose reverse migration, & the fall and winter waterfowl migrations for 23 years. Would like to chat with us about any information regarding our guided hunting opportunities & adventures please get ahold of us regarding our guided spring snow goose hunts, guided duck hunts, guided goose hunts, guided turkey hunts, & guided youth hunts now!

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Spring Snow Goose Hunting Outfitters

23 years of experience starting back when the conservation order was mandated in 1999. We have learned a lot over the years chasing the spring migration across state borders with climate change affecting our spring snow goose hunts success and a shift in migration patterns forcing us to adapt in order to be successful.

We started hunting in Mound City, Missouri home to the famed Loess Bluffs NWR AKA Squaw Creek and have since expanded our spring snow goose hunting territory. Things have changed over the past ten years with tempuratures and migration changes and we have decided to focus our efforts on a scaled down and mobile spring snow goose hunting method. We are now only running two spring snow goose hunting sets per day so, that we can stay as mobile as possible and focus our efforts to service our clients with the best possible opportunity to get under the flight. With this our rates will reflect our efforts as well as our needs to stay mobile and try to offer the best possible hunting experience for our clientele. Please contact us soon to find out if, we have openings for your spring snow goose hunting trip this year or in the not so distant future.

Snow Goose Hunting Information

Read about the light goose conservation order as well as get information regarding our spring snow goose hunts from what to bring to rules and regulations for each state that we hunt in. Find relavant spring snow goose hunting information before you go on your next spring snow goose hunt. Please if, you don't find what you are looking for contact us directly and we can get you the information that you need. or you can also check out our frequently asked questions page as well.

Our Hunter Reviews

Check out our hunting reviews from our hunters on google reviews. Interested to find out what others are saying about our guide service, check out our google reviews so that you can see who we are and what we provide our hunters.

Or if, you are a past client please feel free to leave us a review. We would like to hear from you about our services so, that we can make our overall hunting experiences the best we possibly can. Thank you!

Our Hunting Dates

Check out our seasons running in the spring for spring snow geese & turkey's then through fall and winter for our ducks & geese. We are in the field starting September for our Michigan Early Goose Season to mid January chasing ducks and geese around our Central Missouri lodge. Then we go right into Spring Snow Goose Season starting the beginning of February running through April and then coming back home we go right into Spring Turkey Hunting Season in Michigan

Spring Snow Goose hunts

We start our hunts in Missouri for the Missouri spring snow goose hunting opener AKA the light goose conservation order around the first week in February depending on the Missouri season dates.
At that time we will be running groups in Central Missouri region. If, winter still has it's clutches on that area we will either move over into North Eastern Kansas or be forced to move down into the Missouri bootheel or even in Arkansas if needed. Contact us for more information today !

Our Hunting Photos

Spring Snow Goose Hunts Photo Album

Please feel free to browse through our spring snow goose hunting photos, our duck & goose hunting photos,& our turkey hunting photos. The images showcased are some of our successful hunts with our hunters and can give you an idea of the services that we provide. Please take a look around and if, you join us for a hunt you may be able to get your hunting images included in our photo albums.