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Frequently Asked Questions

  • : When is the best time to come?
    : It Really Depends on the area and the weather. For the start of the spring snow goose hunting season being in Arkansas and the southern states as the snow geese start to leave the south to head back to their breeding grounds is probably a safe bet. As the season progresses being in the middle states catching the migrations moving north in large flocks is the best place to be and so on as the season progresses and the freezeline and colder weather starts to disappear. But, this can all change with one shift of weather or a late winter storm. So, there really isn't a best answer for this question except it depends on the weather, where the migration is, and the time of year you are interested in booking a hunt.

  • : How many shells should we bring?
    : We suggest you prepare to bring around 3 boxes a day that doesn't mean that it is a guaranteed number of shells we will shoot but, it is a ball park figure. However, we could shoot less and we could shoot more. If, that works out to not be enough we have backups and or can get some relatively close by. Check out other things to bring for your spring snow goose hunt on our what to bring page. What to Bring

  • : Where will we be hunting?
    : We try to stay on the geese and do our best to stay mobile so, our locations tend to change very quickly if needed. We typically run the majority of our hunts in Central Missouri, However we have had to move our locations a lot over the past 5 years with the ever changing migration. We ask that you contact us atleast a few days or a couple of days before your hunt dates to find out where we may be at. Plan on Central Missouri but, we could be anywhere in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, & Nebraska.

  • : What if we have to cancel your hunt booking?
    : Weather and situations can change quickly out of our control. If, we have to cancel a hunt for any reason we are doing it in your best interest in mind and don't feel that things are good enough to charge you and your party for a hunt that we feel may not be what we concider a successful hunt. That being said we try our best to make sure our hunts are successful and worth your money. Ultimately we are dealing with mother nature and she has the last say in it all. If, we have to cancel a hunt for any reason we will do our best to work with you to accomodate any issues and ultimately would like to either reschedule your hunt for other dates that season or even re-schedule for the following season. Check out our deposit and refund policy Deposits & Refunds

  • : Where is the best place to fly?
    : Depending on our location if, we are east or west typically you should be able to fly into St. Louis Missouri or Kansas City, Missouri. Most of the places we hunt will be within 2-3 hours from either of those airports. But, we ask that you please contact us before booking to make sure that you get a flight to the proper location.

  • : How many geese will we shoot?
    : The number of birds that you will shoot is dependant on so many things and again hunting and the situation is in the hands of mother nature, your shooting ability, and also your ammunition. We can't tell you for sure but, it could be in the ball park of 1 - 100. Every year is different and every field is different day in and day out. On average we can shoot anywhere from 35 - 40 birds a day but, that is an average there are bad days, good days, and great days you just never know what your going to get. We hunt mostly semi perminant migration spreads and sometime if things come togther just right we could set some feed fields. Most of the time our migration fields kill more than our feed X fields and it is truely out of our control other than putting you in the best position we can to give you the best chance to shoot snow geese. We have set feed X fields and shot a handful and we have migration fields that have shot over 100.

  • : How many decoys do you use?
    : We use anywhere from 800 to 2000 windsock decoys in our sets it just depends on the area and what the conditions are. Most of the time our decoy sets are around 1200-1500 for our migration fields.

  • : Can we shoot other waterfowl?
    : the spring snow goose season you are only allowed to shoot snows, blues, and ross geese. You can not shoot any other waterfowl during this season.

  • : What kind of blinds do you use?
    : We now only use Hardcore Run N Gunner Blinds and Tanglefree Ground Ghost. and we ask that you bring white tyvek suits, white coats, and white beanie hats.
    Hardcore Run N Gunner Video
    Tanglfree Ground Ghost Video

  • : What ammunition should we bring?
    : We suggest that you bring 12 guage ammunition 3" or larger shot size starting at #2's anything larger than that would be acceptable for you if you are comfortable shooting larger loads. Make sure that it is a non-toxic shell no lead is allowed. Check out more of what to bring. What to Bring

  • : Can I bring my dog or dogs?
    : We have a dog policy and you may read it on our dog policy page. We allow dogs and just ask that you contact us and let us know and we will make a decision on a case by case basis. Dogs are great tools to have but, they can also ruin a hunt quickly. Dog Policy

  • : Does your price include lodging?
    : Currently we do not offer lodging for our hunts as we stay mobile as much as possible and move around so we use hotel and motel accomodations as close as we can to our hunting locations. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to offer lodging for our hunts and have an all inclusive hunt package with hunts, meals, & lodging. View our lodging information page. Lodging Information

  • : What is needed to reserve hunt dates?
    : We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for any hunt reservations to hold your dates. We also require the remainder be paid before you hunt with us the first day. View our deposits and refunds policy page. Deposits & Refunds

  • : Do you clean the birds?
    : We can and will clean the birds if you need our help but we ask that you take care of them as it is your resposibility to clean and dispose of the snow goose carcuses that are harvested during your hunt. We do offer bird dressing for a fee because we are typically doing a lot during the day and night and we will assist if we have the time. You can view our bird cleaning policy by clicking this link Bird Cleaning & Transportation Policy

  • : Do you join groups or mix and match groups?
    : We try not to but, if we have available openings and your party doesn't fill a field then we may or may not add another group to your field. We do offer exclusive field packages if, you want to have a field exclusively to your self. You can check out our exclusive field pricing on our rates and pricing page.
    Rates & Pricing

  • : What should we bring?
    : Bring white! White suite, white coat, and white hat. Pack for warm and cold as well as wet and dry conditions. We are not weather men and if we we're it wouldn't matter anyway because you know how that goes. There are many other things to concider when packing for a spring snow goose hunt, you can view a bigger list of things to bring on our what to bring page. What to Bring

  • : Do you provide transportation to the field?
    : We do not provide transportation to the field it is your responsibility to work out your transportation to our hunting location as well as to and from the field. However, if needed and if a situation arises that we need to provide transportation to and from the field then arrangements can be made to accomodate.

  • : What about meals?
    : As stated before our hunting packages do not include food and lodging there for it is your responsibility to fend for yourselves on food and lodging. We will help you with finding food and lodging near our hunting locations and will be able to direct you to any place for both food and lodging. If you want food while hunting we suggest that you grab food for mornings and for afternoons while out in the field or if it is slow during the day mid day we can break to get lunch. After the hunt you can find some accomodations for food at local restaurants and or local grocery stores to get food.

  • : What about licensing?
    : Most of the time if you need to purchase a license we will be relatively close to a location to purchase licenses locally. If you are planning on traveling through the night it may be best for you to stop at a walmart or store in the state that we are hunting in before everythings is closed during your travel. Otherwise you will not be able to take part in the hunt the following day. It is your responsibility to find out about licensing and plan for purchase of those licenses to hunt. We can do our best to inform you of locations to purchase licenses and the times that they are available near our location.

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Spring Snow Goose Hunting Dates
Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Check out our spring snow goose hunts for the spring snow goose hunting season.
Following the reverse snow goose migration since 1999!

Available Hunting Dates
February - March

We start our hunts in early to mid February in Either Missouri or Kansas depending on the weather and the snow goose migration location. Typically we will start our hunts in the Central Missouri region. If, winter still has it's clutches on that area we will either move over into North Eastern Kansas or be forced to move down into the Missouri bootheel or even in Arkansas if needed. Contact us for more information today !

Missouri Snow Goose Hunts
  • February - March
  • West Central, Central, & Eastern Missouri
  • Spring snow goose hunts with us in the snow goose capital of the world chasing the spring snow goose migration in the Show Me State.
Iowa Snow Goose Hunts
  • March
  • Northern Western Missouri & South Western Iowa
  • Join for a spring snow goose hunting adventure chasing the spring snow goose migration in the Hawkeye State.
Kansas Snow Goose Hunts
  • February - March
  • Southern Central & South Eastern Kansas
  • Enjoy a spring snow goose hunting trip with us chasing the spring snow goose migration in the Sunflower State.
Nebraska Snow Goose Hunts
  • March
  • South Central, Eastern, & South Eastern Nebraska
  • Come and join us this spring snow goose hunting season chasing the spring snow goose migration in the Corn Husker State.

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Spring Snow Goose Hunts

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