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Clay Orourke

Clay started hunting waterfowl at the age of 12 and was not brought up into a family that really hunted that much. He was introduced to waterfowl hunting through one of his close friends growing up and was instantly hooked. Ever since then he has dedicated his life to the sport and has chased waterfowl through the majority of the Mississippi flyway and parts of the Central flyway. Clay spends his off seasons in preperation of the upcoming season and spending time with his family. Starting in September the chase is on with the local early goose season kicking off in Michigan. From there he travels to the neighboring country of Canada to join Fall Flight Outdoors in mid to late september to close down their early season goose hunting. Following that he can be found in his home state or traveling the country in search of that next big hunt and capturing waterfowl hunts on film.

Since his introduction to waterfowl hunting Clay has worked with Lewis Custom Calls where he helped with goose and duck call production as well as filming, producing, and editing 2 waterfowl hunting dvd's that we're found in Gander Mountains through out the midwest. From there he joined Joe Thole and Matthew Cagle owner of Rig' Em Right Waterfowl in the production of The Dawn Patrol DVD Series that gained national recognition and could be found at the big box stores around the country. Now you can find him working on some new projects bringing waterfowl hunting tv to the online community 24-7 and 365 days a year at no cost with the production of a new waterfowl hunting tv series at 365 Waterfowl the online waterfowl hunting tv show starting this fall 2015. He is also working on another long time project at Giant Ganderz Outdoors a waterfowl hunting gear outfitter dealing with mostly the production of snow goose hunting gear available online.

Outside of waterfowl hunting Clay works as a web designer/developer where he is constantly working on new projects for the internet as well. His latest project for the web is a website that offers a database of waterfowl hunting outfitters through out the country so that anyone looking for a waterfowl hunting outfitter can look up outfitters by waterfowl species, by state, by canadian province, and by waterfowl migration flyway.

In 1999 Clay started hunting snow geese in Northwest Missouri around the famed Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge where he was introduced to the spring snow goose migration. Ever since then he has spent his time in the relentless pursuit of chasing the snow geese from Arkansas to South Dakota. Snow goose hunting is a blessing and a curse, it is one of those things that you can't turn away from if you get started. There are days that you just wish you didn't get out of bed but, there are those other days that make all that pain and suffering of dealing with all the dreaded weather conditions seem non existant. Sharing those experiences with others is what brought us here to offer these snow goose hunting opportunities today.

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Clay Orourke

About Clay Orourke

Spring Snow Goose Hunts, Waterfowl Hunts, & Turkey Hunting Outfitters

Hunting and Chasing the spring snow goose reverse migration, & the fall and winter waterfowl migrations for 23 years. Would like to chat with us about any information regarding our guided hunting opportunities & adventures please get ahold of us regarding our guided spring snow goose hunts, guided duck hunts, guided goose hunts, guided turkey hunts, & guided youth hunts now!

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Spring Snow Goose Hunting Outfitters

23 years of experience starting back when the conservation order was mandated in 1999. We have learned a lot over the years chasing the spring migration across state borders with climate change affecting our spring snow goose hunts success and a shift in migration patterns forcing us to adapt in order to be successful.

We started hunting in Mound City, Missouri home to the famed Loess Bluffs NWR AKA Squaw Creek and have since expanded our spring snow goose hunting territory. Things have changed over the past ten years with tempuratures and migration changes and we have decided to focus our efforts on a scaled down and mobile spring snow goose hunting method. We are now only running two spring snow goose hunting sets per day so, that we can stay as mobile as possible and focus our efforts to service our clients with the best possible opportunity to get under the flight. With this our rates will reflect our efforts as well as our needs to stay mobile and try to offer the best possible hunting experience for our clientele. Please contact us soon to find out if, we have openings for your spring snow goose hunting trip this year or in the not so distant future.

Snow Goose Hunting Information

Read about the light goose conservation order as well as get information regarding our spring snow goose hunts from what to bring to rules and regulations for each state that we hunt in. Find relavant spring snow goose hunting information before you go on your next spring snow goose hunt. Please if, you don't find what you are looking for contact us directly and we can get you the information that you need. or you can also check out our frequently asked questions page as well.

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Our Hunting Dates

Check out our seasons running in the spring for spring snow geese & turkey's then through fall and winter for our ducks & geese. We are in the field starting September for our Michigan Early Goose Season to mid January chasing ducks and geese around our Central Missouri lodge. Then we go right into Spring Snow Goose Season starting the beginning of February running through April and then coming back home we go right into Spring Turkey Hunting Season in Michigan

Spring Snow Goose hunts

We start our hunts in Missouri for the Missouri spring snow goose hunting opener AKA the light goose conservation order around the first week in February depending on the Missouri season dates.
At that time we will be running groups in Central Missouri region. If, winter still has it's clutches on that area we will either move over into North Eastern Kansas or be forced to move down into the Missouri bootheel or even in Arkansas if needed. Contact us for more information today !

Our Hunting Photos

Spring Snow Goose Hunts Photo Album

Please feel free to browse through our spring snow goose hunting photos, our duck & goose hunting photos,& our turkey hunting photos. The images showcased are some of our successful hunts with our hunters and can give you an idea of the services that we provide. Please take a look around and if, you join us for a hunt you may be able to get your hunting images included in our photo albums.