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Cleaning & Transporting Birds

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Bird cleaning, field dressing, and or transporting your snow geese is your responsibility! We have alot to deal with and can't make a promise we will be around to help with the cleaning of your harvested snow geese. We may have to move sets, fix gear, and or just plain get some R & R so, cleaning and taking care of the birds that you harvest during your hunt is your responsibility. We are glad to help out if we can with disposal but, please don't leave your harvested snow geese with any of our guides because it is not our responsibility.

For an added fee that goes directly to the guide we would be glad to clean your birds to compensate for helping you. Outside of helping clean the birds it will still be your responsibility to dispose of carcusas and or transport your waterfowl home with you. It is also your responsibility to know the laws and regulations involved with cleaning & transporting waterfowl accross state and country borders and Whiteout Outfitters and those acting on behalf of Whiteout Outfitters are not responsible for any issues or any legal actions involved in the improper care and or transportation of waterfowl.

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Spring Snow Goose Hunting Dates
Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Check out our spring snow goose hunts for the spring snow goose hunting season.
Following the reverse snow goose migration since 1999!

Available Hunting Dates
February - March

We start our hunts in early to mid February in Either Missouri or Kansas depending on the weather and the snow goose migration location. Typically we will start our hunts in the Central Missouri region. If, winter still has it's clutches on that area we will either move over into North Eastern Kansas or be forced to move down into the Missouri bootheel or even in Arkansas if needed. Contact us for more information today !

Missouri Snow Goose Hunts
  • February - March
  • West Central, Central, & Eastern Missouri
  • Spring snow goose hunts with us in the snow goose capital of the world chasing the spring snow goose migration in the Show Me State.
Iowa Snow Goose Hunts
  • March
  • Northern Western Missouri & South Western Iowa
  • Join for a spring snow goose hunting adventure chasing the spring snow goose migration in the Hawkeye State.
Kansas Snow Goose Hunts
  • February - March
  • Southern Central & South Eastern Kansas
  • Enjoy a spring snow goose hunting trip with us chasing the spring snow goose migration in the Sunflower State.
Nebraska Snow Goose Hunts
  • March
  • South Central, Eastern, & South Eastern Nebraska
  • Come and join us this spring snow goose hunting season chasing the spring snow goose migration in the Corn Husker State.

Spring Snow Goose Hunts Photo Album

Spring Snow Goose Hunting Photos
Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Please feel free to browse through our spring snow goose hunts photo album that showcases some of our successful hunts with our spring snow goose hunting clients.

Spring Snow Goose Hunts Guides

Spring Snow Goose Hunting Info
Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Read about the light goose conservation order as well as get information regarding our spring snow goose hunts from what to bring to rules and regulations for each state that we hunt in. Find relavant spring snow goose hunting information before you go on your next spring snow goose hunt.